Tom Greene Jr.

How do I choose a design? This is the FAQ of every customer. For first timers appreciating Haida art, sometimes it is nice to know the common "meanings" or significance of these Haida creatures. For locals it is more about crests of the clans they belong to in their family lineage. Most of all for our visitors we like to encourage them to get a feel for what they are most attracted to and discover your natural connection.

Silver Collection

High quality silver , handcarved and professionally finished for wear by a Haida traditional carver.


  • round /oval /flared strips
  • Sizes range from small / medium / large (specific measurements available upon consultation)
  • Pricing: $65 to $175


  • round/oval/drops
  • Sizes range from small/ medium/ large
  • Pricing: $100 and up
  • (Silver chains available at a complimentary price)

Traditional Haida shaped Bracelet

  • Sizes are 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" etc.
  • Pricing: $160 and up depending on size and design
  • (Children's & baby sizes available too)

Traditional Haida Wrap Ring

  • (great for fingers that change shape or tend to swell because there is no solid closure therefore it can be reduced or increased at anytime)
  • two styles: narrow wrap or wide wrap
  • Pricing: narrow wraps $100 and up
  • Pricing: wide wraps $125 and up
  • Prices are dependant on size, please provide size if ordering by phone or drop in and we will size your hand in person

Solid Silver Bands

  • flat or domed
  • nice choice for wedding rings and for men
  • Pricing: $155 and up


All designs are original traditional Haida designs with extra touches of fine etching and detail given to each carving. All pieces are signed by the artist Tom Greene Jr.

  • Bear (guardian of the woods)
  • Raven (trickster)
  • Eagle (watching over)
  • Hummingbird (a fast & furious spirit with elegance)
  • Killer Whale (guardian of the ocean)
  • Dogfish (creator of art)
  • Wolf (inherited visitor of our neighbours)

You may also inquire of other designs not included here.